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Written by PRG   
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 00:00

Dear PhD students,

let me introduce myself: I’m Paolo Roberto Grassi and I’ll be your representative in this department for this year. Since the bureaucracy can be hard to handle, I invite you to follow the First AID, an event organized by the PhDEI Association, where I’ll try to explain you what to do and when, in order to submit your study plan, your research themes, where are the forms you have to fill in order to buy something or to go abroad, and so on.
Best regards,


The FirstAID slides are now available (by Lorenzo Luini). And here you can find the ALPhDEI association presentation!

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Written by Marco Bergamasco   
Monday, 07 June 2010 10:53

Dear PhD students,

the fifth edition of PhDAY will be held at DEI, Politecnico di Milano on September 28nd, 2012. As it has been done during the past editions, you are invited to describe you research activity to all the other PhD students.


Work Presentation

We will have two different kind of presentations according to the PhD class:

  • second year students will present their work in an amazing 10-minute talk sessions;
  • the first year and third year PhD students will present their work in two terrific poster sessions.

Program (Conference Room)

10.20 - 10.30: Welcome by the head of the DEI
10.30 - 11.30: Keynote: Frankenstein Garage
  • Andrea Maietta (@andreamaietta)
    Passionate supporter of agile methods despite his three digits weight, he passed from the role of scrum half to that of Scrum master, even if his true love remains the back row. He’s cofounder of Frankenstein Garage, where he tries to build a lightsaber while he’s busy keeping the geeks of the lab down to earth. Every now and then he rants on  [].
  • Paolo Aliverti (@zeppelinmaker)
    He shares his many interests, which comprise business, management and technology, on his blog []. LEGO, electronics and IT have been his biggest passion since he was in the cradle (but don’t tell his wife). He’s cofounder of Frankenstein Garage, where he puts his experience on physical computing to good use leading courses on electronics and microcontrollers.
11.45 - 13.15: Second year students will present their work in an amazing 10-minute talk session
13.15 - 15.00: Light Lunch

15.00 - 15.15: Overview of the Ph.D. ICT Program: Carlo Fiorini
15.15 - 16.15: Presentation of the three Ph.D. prize winners:
  • Fabio Della Rossa: Two-parameter bifurcations in smooth and piecewise-smooth dynamical systems: new theoretical results and applications
  • Luigi Malagò: On the geometry of optimization based on the exponential family relaxation
  • llaria Malanchini: Game theoretic models for resource sharing in wireless networks
16.15 - 17.15: Coffee Break +  third year PhD students poster session 
17.15 - 18.00: Round table
  • Industrial referees:
    Livio Baldi - Micron Semiconductors Italia
    Claudio Bartolini - Hp Labs USA
    Corrado Leita - Symantec Research Labs Europe
    Alberto Ginesi - European Space Agency
    Maurizio Zuffada - ST Microelectronics
    Flavio Gaj - B.E.E. Team
  • Other guests:
    Giovanni Laudicina
    Cristina Cremonesi
    Paolo Cederle
18.30 - 19.00: First year PhD students present their work in a poster session
19.00 - ad libitum: Dinner

Kind regards,

The PhDEI Association

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About Us

PhDEI aims at establishing an alumni and students association of the Doctoral School in Information Technology at the Department of Electronics and Information (DEI) of Politecnico di Milano. This initiative is intended to strengthen the affiliation of our PhD students to the school during their studies and after their completion.

A point to clarify is that the PhDEI association does not constitute an official union, other organizations already exist to this aim (e.g., ADI).

Our association organizes activities aiming at fostering the acquaintance between PhD students, both on personal level and concerning their research activities, and promotes the research of our PhD students in worldwide ICT companies and technical universities. We want to help PhD students in meeting each other, sharing their ideas and experiences in order to approach new problems together, with a multidisciplinary vision of research topics.

PhDEI is thought to be agile, decentralized and shared. It is organized in sections, each one of which autonomously takes care of its tasks and objectives. Each section is coordinated by a team of people (core members), and sections interact with each other through core meetings.


PhDEI promotes two kinds of activities:

PhDEI Events

- Talks: research seminars, crash-courses, first-aid for PhD students;

- PhDAY: A Conference and Social Day where PhD students have the opportunity to present a selection of their research activities to the members of the whole department;

- Recreational/Class meeting: Theater, Brunch, Vacation.

PhDEI Information services

Website: The PhDEI website can be found at;

Mailing Lists: two mailing lists are available, one for the all the members of the association and one for the PhDEI core members;

Ph.D. first aid: an assistance service for new PhD students (major and minor research topics, house-search, tutorships, etc.);

Alumni & C.: a service to keep post-docs in touch after the completion of their studies.

We support DEI, DEI supports you and, together, we support research!

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Written by Marco Bergamasco   
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 12:45

Dear PhD students,
the fifth edition of the PhDAY is coming. This year it will take place the
28th September 2012, during the PhD Week. As it has been done during the past editions, you are invited to describe you research activity to all the other PhD students.

What we need:

Extended abstract (1-page) deadline: 21 September 2012 [XXVI PhD classes]

Poster submission: 17 September 2012 [XXV and XXVII PhD classes]

Slide submission: 21 September 2012 [ XXVI PhD classes]


Work Presentation

Also in 2012 we will have two different kinds of presentations according to the PhD class. Second year students will present their work in two amazing 10-minute talk session, while the third year students and the first year PhD students will present their work in two terrific poster sessions.


Keynotes and special events

We will have different exciting events for the 2012 edition of the PhDAY. First of all the Colloquia Doctoralia will be co-hosted by the 2012 edition of the PhDAY. This will lead to a unique opportunity to present the work of our third year PhD students to the industrial world. Finally, a special poster session will be organized by the first year PhD students during the evening.


Work Format

PhDAY 2012 extended abstract should be in 1-page (including the references) one-column format.

Posters have to be in A0, while presentations must not exceed the 10 minutes, therefore they have to provide a bird's eye view on your work, presenting the key aspects of your research.


Templates will be available to be downloaded at:

Kind regards,

The ALPhDEI Association



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